Our experience

Banking Law

  • advising a leading American enterprise from an automotive sector during conclusion of a multimillion consortium credit agreement and handling establishment of collateral in favour of the lenders,
  • advising significant southern European corporation during negotiations relating to obtaining of a multimillion credit line
  • drafting and giving opinions on banking law contracts for clients from various sectors
  • drafting legal opinions regarding banking and economic relations law for banks and clients from various sectors

Corporate law

  • advising on transformation of private limited companies from various sectors,
  • advising on a transaction of transferring a Polish enterprise to another tax jurisdiction with a use of national and foreign entities, which resulted in, among others, revaluation of the enterprise’s assets,
  • advising on sale of shares of a company extracting minerals
  • advising stockholders of a joint-stock company in a sale of stocks in favour of a leading B2B company, listed on GPW (the Warsaw Stock Exchange)
  • representing shareholders during court disputes, including disputes before the Supreme Court, in cases related to exclusion of a shareholder from a private limited company
  • representing shareholders during court disputes in cases related to annulment of resolutions of a shareholders’ meeting

Mergers & acquisitions

  • advising a group of Polish entrepreneurs from a hotel sector during a restructuring through consolidation, by contributing their enterprises and organized parts of enterprises to a partnership
  • advising during M&A procedures for, among other, a leading European producer of tiles, a leading European producer of yogurts, a significant producer from a paper industry and enterprises from electro-technical and electrical sectors, as well as a producer of green energy during purchase of a company producing wind power farms and special purpose companies, bought by a significant development corporation

Judicial and arbitration proceedings

  • leading several civil and commercial proceedings with participation of foreign and domestic entrepreneurs from various sectors
  • participating in penal preparatory proceedings and court proceedings as an attorney of an aggrieved party in commercial cases and cases related to accidents at work
  • representing companies and partnerships in mediation with participation of a leading Polish leasing company

Real estates

  • advising on a purchase of real estates for logistic purposes for a significant European operators
  • advising on a purchase of real estates intended for big-box commercial complexes and business parks in several Polish cities for a significant southern European corporation
  • advising a foreign investment bank in a purchase of commercial real estates in several Polish cities
  • advising, during greenfield-type investments in Special Economic Zones, a European producer of steel constructions and a significant European producer of car parts
  • advising during purchase of several real estates by a leading producer of tiles and representation before Ministry of Internal Affairs during proceedings relating to issuance of a permit for purchase of real estates
  • advising on conclusion and termination of lease agreements in big-box commercial complexes for a leading entrepreneur from a household appliances industry

Employment and social security law

  • providing complex services to a temporary work agency as regards, among others, settlement of working time and application of the employment law, conclusion of labour contracts and agreements with user-employers relating to delegation of employees including, among others, an agreement with a leading entity from a shipbuilding sector in connection with realization of an off shore project
  • representation in court proceedings before a labour and social insurance court in cases related to payment of a retirement pension in the light of the European Union law
  • representation of entrepreneurs from various sectors in numerous proceedings related to labour and social insurance law regarding, among others, non-competitive clauses, mobbing, claims of protected trade union activists, social insurance contributions,
  • drafting and giving opinions on entrepreneurs’ internal regulations concerning labour law, including, among others,: remuneration regulations, employment regulations, incentive remuneration systems, collective labour agreements, social welfare benefits and packages regulations
  • drafting, negotiating and giving opinions on labour law agreements, particularly management contract, non-competitive agreements
  • representation in administrative proceedings related to issuance of a permit for employment of foreigners

Tax law and customs law

  • participation in the tax optimization process of sale of shares of a Polish joint stock company through a Cypriot SPV,
  • preparation of a tax strategy for an entrepreneur conducting mining activity
  • preparation of a strategy related to cross border taxation of dividends paid by domestic and foreign companies
  • participation in many customs proceedings relating to anti-dumping tariffs,
  • preparation of a strategy related to establishment of a tax fiscal group for a group of enterprises providing hotel services
  • preparation of an opinion on a possibility of optimizing a level of employment of an enterprise operating in a Special Economic Zone and preservation of this enterprise’s status of an MSE
  • participation w court-administrative disputes regarding written interpretations of tax provisions
  • preparation of an opinion analysing tax consequences of consolidation of enterprises from a hotel sector

Public procurement

  • cooperation in preparation of tender documentation related to, among others, preparation of installation for recycling of fibrous mass – an investment undertaking realized under the Operative Program Infrastructure and Environmental
  • preparation of legal opinions related to application of simplified modes and occurrence of conditions required for change of a public procurement agreement
  • conducting trainings on public procurement for employees of budgetary units, as well as for entrepreneurs

Bankruptcy and reorganisation law

  • preparing notifications of claims for leading entrepreneurs from paper, construction and electro-technical sectors, with the consideration of provisions on European bankruptcy proceedings
  • preparing objections regarding refusals of acknowledgement of claims
    preparing legal opinions relating to various aspects of bankruptcy, liquidation and arrangement proceedings for clients from various sectors
  • representing clients from various sectors during bankruptcy proceedings
  • representing a client from a glass industry during proceedings to ban conduct of economic activity by a member of a management board of a bankrupt

Receivables recovery

  • providing services in a scope of recovery of receivables to a leading energy corporation on the territory of south-western Poland
  • providing services in a scope of recovery of receivables to domestic and foreign entrepreneurs from various sectors both on the territory of Poland and European Union