About Us

The Law Firm Meissner Wocka & Partners Attorneys-at-Law has been providing legal and tax services to Polish and foreign entrepreneurs since 1994.

We advise our Clients in all aspects of their business activity. We represent them in court and arbitration proceedings in the field of civil law and extensively interpreted commercial and employment law.

We also act as proxies in administrative and court-administrative proceedings, with the particular consideration of tax law. Application of the tax law and optimization of tax burdens are nowadays the key to the success in business. We pay our special attention to this. Throughout these twenty years of our presence on the market we have advised on establishment and registration of over a hundred of companies and partnerships. We have also advised on mergers, acquisitions and transformations of such companies and partnerships. We have established branches and representative offices on behalf of our foreign Clients. We have also conducted liquidation proceedings of entrepreneurs that carried out their business in various organizational forms.


In recent years we have supported our Clients with our knowledge and experience while acquiring real estates intended for production, commercial, logistic and residential purposes on the territory of Poland.

The Law Firm Meissner Wocka & Partners Attorneys-at-Law has also provided legal services during investment processes beginning from the moment of making a decision on an investment location until opening of an enterprise. Many times such cases have taken place on the territories of the Special Economic Zones.
In our work we have always obeyed the main rule: our first duty towards the Client is to understand his needs and expectations properly. Later on, there comes a time for proposing solutions. The thorough realization of these solutions joins these two stages together. We are going to consequently follow this rule also in future. Despite having the broad professional experience, our team Meissner & Partners is still young, ambitious and open-minded to the new professional challenges. We have been privileged to work for Clients from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Finland, France, Holland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Great Britain and United States of America.