Our services

Banking law

  • drafting banking law contracts and advising on entering into such contracts
  • representation in negotiations concerning entering into the banking law contracts
  • drafting agreements to secure execution of banking law contracts
  • analysis of agreements securing execution of banking law contracts

Corporate law

  • drafting partnerships’ and companies’ deeds and corporate documents required in the process of formation and functioning of companies and partnerships,
  • preparing documentation required for establishment and functioning of branches and representative offices of foreign entrepreneurs
  • conducting registration proceedings of companies, partnerships, branches and representative offices of foreign entrepreneurs, before both courts and public administration authorities
  • transforming and restructuring of companies and partnerships
  • preparing investment contracts, advise on options for securing financial sources for investments
  • due diligence appraisal
  • legal representation in corporate disputes, including cases relating to an annulment of resolutions, a liquidation of companies and partnerships, an exclusion of a shareholder

Mergers & acquisitions

  • advising on sale of contributions, shares and stocks of companies and partnerships (share deal)
  • advising on sale of enterprises and organised parts of enterprises (asset deal)
  • advising on mergers and acquisitions of companies and partnerships
  • due diligence appraisal of companies and partnerships
  • preparation of optimal solutions of financing M&A transactions
  • assistance in obtaining required permissions for M&A transactions;

Judicial and arbitration proceedings

  • representing entrepreneurs in judicial, arbitration and administrative litigations within a framework of legal services being provided

Real estate

  • examination of a legal status of real estates
  • participation in negotiations related to real estates’ transactions
  • drafting and giving opinions on contracts and other documents related to sale and purchase of real estates
  • representing entrepreneurs in administrative procedures connected with an investment process, including procedures relating to issuance of permissions for acquisition of real estates in Poland by foreigners

Employment and social security law

  • preparing documents related to employment of employees, such as labour and management contracts and non-competition agreements
  • advising on meeting all the formal requirements related to employment of foreigners in Poland
  • drafting internal regulations concerning remuneration, employment and establishment’s social benefit fund
  • providing advice on introducing incentive remuneration systems
  • negotiating with trade unions
  • preparing and analysing drafts of collective labour agreements
  • providing legal opinion on employment termination, including group lay-offs
  • representing employers in litigations related to employment and social security law
  • advising on social security law

Tax law and customs law

  • advising in a scope of tax planning and optimization of tax burdens
  • tax analysis for the planned M&A transactions
  • tax analysis of domestic and cross-border commercial transactions
  • representing entrepreneurs in tax litigations before tax and fiscal control authorities and administrative courts
  • providing tax advice on transactions of inward/outward processing in Poland
  • providing advice on customs duties and exemptions from customs duties
  • representing entrepreneurs in customs litigations before customs authorities and administrative courts

Public procurement

  • providing advice to contractors or procurers during public procurement procedures
  • drafting documents
  • representing clients before the Polish Chamber of Appeals at the Head of the Office for Public Procurements and relevant courts during appeal proceedings
  • conducting trainings on public procurement

Bankruptcy and reorganisation law

  • providing advice on enforcing receivables in bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings
  • providing advice for entities subjected to bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings
  • representing creditors in bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings

Receivables recovery

  • verification of documents necessary to bring a case before a court
  • preparing statements of claims and further pleadings
  • representing client before a court
  • preparing applications to commence execution proceedings
  • representing clients during execution proceedings