Kazimierz Meissner

attorney-at-law, senior partner

tel: (+48 77) 453 73 21, 454 01 15
fax: (+48 77) 543 41 50
@: k.meissner@meissner.com.pl

Kazimierz Meissner graduated from the Faculty of Law at Wrocław University in 1990. In 1994 he qualified as Attorney-at-Law passing the attorney at law’s exam at Opole Chamber of Attorneys at Law. For many years he was the Council Secretary of Opole Chamber of Attorneys at Law, and later on he was appointed the Vice – Dean of that Chamber. In 1994 Kazimierz Meissner established Meissner & Meissner Law Firm that in year 2000 was reorganised into Meissner & Partners Attorneys-at-Law. He is proficient in English.

His work covers mainly Corporate Law, including M&A transactions as well as Tax Law and transactions connected with real estates, that also include greenfield investment processes in the Special Economic Zones.

Recently Kazimierz Meissner has:

  • advised a group of Polish entrepreneurs from a hotel sector during a restructuring through consolidation, by contributing their enterprises and organized parts of enterprises to a partnership
  • advised on transformation of private limited companies from automotive and building sectors
  • cooperated on conduction of a transaction of transferring a Polish enterprise to another tax jurisdiction with a use of national and foreign entities, which resulted in, among others, revaluation of the enterprise’s assets,
  • cooperated in advising a leading American enterprise from an automotive sector – together with lawyers from United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and United States – during conclusion of a multimillion consortium credit agreement and handled establishment of a collateral in favour of the lenders,
  • advised on a successful sale of shares of a company extracting minerals
  • advised stockholders of a joint-stock company in a sale of stocks in favour of a leading B2B company, listed on GPW (the Warsaw Stock Exchange)

  • represented shareholders of companies in court disputes, including, with a success, before the Supreme Court in a case related to exclusion of a shareholder
  • represented shareholders of companies in court proceedings related to annulment of resolutions of a shareholders’ meeting
  • advised during M&A procedures for, among other, a leading European producer of tiles, a leading European producer of yogurts, a significant producer from a paper industry and enterprises from an electro-technical and electrical sectors, as well as a producer of green energy during purchase of a company producing wind power farms and special purpose companies, bought by a significant development corporation
  • advised on purchase of real estates for logistic purposes for a significant European operators
  • advising on purchase of real estates intended for big-box commercial complexes and business park in several Polish cities for significant southern European corporation
  • advising a foreign investment bank in purchase of commercial real estates in several Polish cities
  • advised, during greenfield-type investments in Special Economic Zones, a European producer of steel constructions and a significant European producer of car parts
  • been advising a foreign hotel operator on establishing a business activity in Poland and launching a new chain of hotels on the Polish market;
  • been coordinating and supervising a legal advice provided to our clients that are constructors of road and bridge contracts on the A4 and A1 motorways, as well as on S22 and S19 express roads.