Jagoda Komenda – Kołecka

attorney-at-law, partner

tel: (+48 77) 453 73 21, 454 01 15
fax: (+48 77) 543 41 50
@: j.komenda@meissner.com.pl

Jagoda Komenda-Kołecka graduated from the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at Wrocław University in 2007. Since 2006 she had been cooperating with one of law firms in Wrocław. In 2009 she joined lawyers of the Law Firm Meissner Wocka  & Partners Attorneys-at-Law.

In 2011 she qualified as an advocate passing the advocate’s exam at Wrocław Chamber of Advocates.

In April 2015 she gained an entry on the attorney-at-law’s list at Opole Chamber of Attorneys at Law. Since 1st May 2015 she has been a partner in the Law Firm.

She specializes mainly in civil and labour law cases with particular consideration of liabilities law and civil procedure. She substitutes clients of the Law Firm before courts of every instance, representing parties in civil, commercial and labour cases. She is proficient in English.

Recently Jagoda Komenda-Kołecka has:

  • provided comprehensive services to a state-owned higher education institution relating to broadly understood labour and civil law as well as the law on higher education
  • been providing complex services to a temporary work agency as regards, among others, settlement of working time, conclusion of labour contracts and agreements with user-employers relating to delegation of employees including, among others, agreement with a leading entity from a shipbuilding sector in connection with realization of an off shore project

  • advised during purchase of several real estates by a leading producer of tiles and representation before Ministry of Internal Affairs during proceedings relating to issuance of a permit for purchase of real estates
  • run a number of civil and commercial court trials with participation of foreign and domestic entrepreneurs from various sectors
  • run a number of trials related to labour law for foreign and domestic entrepreneurs from various sectors, including running trials before labour court in cases with participation of, among others, foreign constructors of bridges and roads, a leading company from a photographic sector, a communal company, a public higher education institution and a producer of car parts
  • represented in court proceedings before a labour and social insurance court in cases related to payment of retirement pension in the light of European Union law
  • been participating in penal preparatory proceedings and court proceedings as an attorney of an aggrieved party in commercial cases and cases related to accidents at work, and has been conducting duties of defendant’s counsel in the cases of breaching penal code and petty offences code provisions
  • been preparing and giving opinions on numerous agreements related to running business activity in many sectors for Polish and foreign entrepreneurs and has also been preparing documentation needed for establishing and functioning of many companies and partnerships as well as branches of foreign entrepreneurs in Poland
  • been preparing many opinions and legal information concerning civil, labour and tax law, relating to, among others, lease agreements in big-box complexes, cross-border taxation of dividends paid by Polish and foreign companies, interpretation of agreements concluded by foreign entrepreneurs with one of the Polish Special Economic Zones and delegation of employees in light of the European Union law